Dr. Renee Jacobs

Award-winning public speaking coach

Dr. Renee Jacobs

What you'll learn

  • Influence

    Learn how to inspire people through your communication, regardless of your audience.

  • Persuade

    Renne will walk you through techniques that tap into emotional connections in your stories that convey your ideas.

  • Engage

    Whether it's a meeting, seminar or keynote, your audience will be leaning in for more.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction and Agenda
  • 2
    Client Success Story
    • Client Success Story
  • 3
    Debrief & High Level Thinking
    • Debrief & High Level Thinking
  • 4
    Understanding The Nature of Win Win Relationships
    • Win Win
    • Download Your Hand Out
    • Understand Your Listener
    • Example Story
    • Understand Yourself
    • Define Your Win for Mutual Attraction
    • Putting It All Together
  • 5
    Storytelling 101
    • Storytelling 101
  • 6
    Storytelling Techniques
    • Storytelling Techniques
  • 7
    A Failed Story
    • Failed Story
  • 8
    Review, Summary & Next Steps
    • Review, Summary & Next Steps
  • 9
    For More Information
    • For More Information

Your Instructor

  • Renee Jacobs

    Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Speaker Coach

    Renee Jacobs

    Dr. Renee Jacobs is an award-winning public speaking coach who helps business professionals and young entrepreneurs gain confidence, build collaborative alliances, and inspire action through speech. Holding designations like Distinguished Toastmaster, Humourous Speech Champion, and TedX Stanley Park Speaker Coach, Renee proudly practices and teaches her public speaking philosophy—act like you’re speaking to another person, whether you’re in an elevator, at a big pitch, or out for a coffee. Renee holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado. She enjoys playing golf, spending time with her husband, and traveling the world.