What you'll learn

  • How to grow your business

    Your instructor, Luke Aulin, is the CEO of RTOWN and one of Business in Vancouver's Top 40 Under 40 winners.

  • How to get your team on board

    Luke will teach you how to align your team through functional accountability, transparency, and meeting rhythms.

  • How to avoid misalignment

    Learn how to get the right people on the bus and have hard but powerful conversations.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • RTOWN CEO Luke Aulin explains the importance of team alignment
  • 2
    Why should you care about alignment?
    • Increase your engagement and avoid misalignment
  • 3
    Landing on your core values
    • Get the right people on the bus
  • 4
    Landing on your mission
    • Your BHAG, or your Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • 5
    Getting naked
    • Share your numbers and make employees owners
  • 6
    Defining your core customer
    • Understand the customer journey and identify leading and lagging indicators
  • 7
    Straight-talking from a place of love
    • Foster relationships with mutual trust and commit to team decisions
  • 8
    Tools for alignment
    • Get into a meeting rhythm
  • 9
    Conclusion & Checklist
    • Assess your impact (people, planet, profit)
  • 10
    For the tools & more information
    • Core values & function accountability worksheets
    • Luke Aulin's contact information

Meet your instructor

  • Luke Aulin

    RTOWN Co-Founder & CEO

    Luke Aulin

    Luke Aulin has been practicing entrepreneurship since 2001. After leading two failed startups, he became an intrapreneur at a software company in 2005, where he turned two business units into multi-million dollar businesses. In 2013, he co-founded RTOWN—a BC-based digital marketing agency dedicated to helping local businesses succeed. As RTOWN’s CEO and Mayor, Luke has grown the company into one of the top 15 largest digital marketing companies in BC. Luke is the recipient of Business in Vancouver’s prestigious Top 40 Under 40 Award. He is a thought leader in the world of entrepreneurship who’s dedicated to helping fellow business owners realize their dreams. His heart is sometimes bigger than his brains.


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